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UNSTOPPABLE with Kerwin Rae

Apr 3, 2022

King by name, king by nature.

Today on Unstoppable I have the immense pleasure to chat with David King the owner of Sydney rock candy store Sticky.

David opened his shop at the rocks in 2001. When the pandemic hit, his revenue went down to zero. Out of desperation, he decided to bring the art of candy making online, and has now become the most followed Tiktok account in Australia.

An incredible story, but an even more incredible man behind all of this.

Follow Sticky online:

0:00 Introduction to David and Sticky business
3:17 Sticky starting on social media
8:39 Sticky's content strategy and sales
14:15 From ex-lawyer to candy maker
17:29 David’s craftsmanship
23:32 David's spiritual side
29:56 The process mind of candy making
35:53 How Sticky approach social media
37:36 Challenges in scaling
43:58 Sticky charitable initiatives
46:49 Life since TikTok success
52:53 David piece of advice