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UNSTOPPABLE with Kerwin Rae

Nov 9, 2023

WE ARE BACK and to kick off the return of Unstoppable, we have a very special guest returning... Dr. Vanessa Lapointe!

Vanessa is a registered psychologist, parenting educator, best-selling author, international speaker, incredible mum, and all-round amazing human.

As the Founder and Director of The Wishing Star Lapointe Developmental Clinic, she has been supporting families and children across the globe for almost 20 years.

She joins me in the studio to talk about doing the inner work to set your children up for a lifetime of happiness and fulfillment.

0:00 - Introduction to Dr. Vanessa Lapointe
3:40 - Helping your child starts with fixing yourself
11:12 - Why smacking doesn't work and the long-term consequences
27:32 - Raising kids that know how to love themselves
34:20 - Deep connection is the key to healthy independence
41:31 - Why children self-harm
45:00 - Diagnosing children vs their environment
58:17 - What it means to be a conscious parent
1:05:08 - Advice for co-parents
1:18:50 - How to do your inner work

Find out more about Dr. Vanessa Lapointe and her work here:

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